Control – A Merry Chase (Side Quest) Guide

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Control has many different side quests, one of which is A Merry Chase. Here is a guide on how to complete it.

A Merry Chase will probably activate automatically during the course of the game, as it did for me. Anyway it involves the player having to pass through a familiar area and cleans a merry-go-round, it also unlocks the Dodge ability too.

To activate the side quest you need to be on mission 3 and it will occur as you progress toward finding the Janitor.

Just before the Janitor room you should see an area on the left that seems to be glowing. If you follow that path onward and into a small room, the floor will collapse. 

You will now be tasked on cleansing the merry-go-round which will be glowing at the end of the area. After that you will learn the Dodge ability and move onto another area.

This area will want to teach you how to use this newly acquired ability in order to pass through the various different traps and guards. 
Once you have safely passed through that the quest will end.

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