Control – Burn The Trash (Side Quest) Guide

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Control has many different side quests to complete, one of which is Burn The Trash.

Burn the Trash or What a Mess: Burn the Trash requires the player to burn several Green chemical waste containers. 

In order to activate this side quest you need to first find the Janitor, which you are tasked to do so during Mission 3. Once you find him, you should notice a small board on the wall in his room, if you read this board the quest should activate.

Your next destination is the Furnace Chamber, here you will be able to burn the waste containers. You can always tell that it is the correct containers as they are the only ones that glow a bright green.

You need to use the ability to pick things up (R1 on PS4) and throw them into the furnace, keep doing this until the side quest ends.

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