Cyberpunk 2077 – Big In Japan (Side Job / Quest) Guide

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Cyberpunk 2077 has many different and optional side quests or in this case Side Jobs that you can attempt to complete. One of which is Big In Japan

Side Jobs are often unlocked through talking to various NPC characters and/or getting random messages.

This specific quest involves finding a container with the words ‘No Future’ written on it

  • LOCATION: Afterlife (Watson – Little China)
  • QUEST GIVER: Dennis
  • PREREQUISITE: Complete The Heist mission (Story Related)


  • Head to Club Afterlife in order to find someone named Dennis. Apparently Dennis wants us to travel to Kabuki waterfront in order to find a package.
  • Okay with that lets head to Watson – Kabuki
  • You should now find yourself in a small harbour dock.
  • Continue to follow the path down the stairs and closer to the actual water.
  • The container that you are looking for can be found inside the building closest to the water. The container will also have the words ‘No Future’ written on it.
  • When you have successfully managed to find it, go ahead and open the container
  • Once you have opened the container you will notice a man was inside of it, hmmm…
  • Dennis will now get in contact with you
  • After the conversation you will need to pick up the body and carry it, all whilst getting shot at by Tygers
  • Your goal is to get the body to a car and drive off with him, basically escort him out of the hotzone.
  • When you have successfully delivered the body back to Dennis the quest will then end. Turns out Haruyoshi has managed to kill the boss of the Tygers, hence there sudden appearance I guess…


  • 990 – Eddies $
  • 197 – Experience
  • 442 – Street Cred


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