Cyberpunk 2077 – Braindance (Yorinobu & Eveyln – All Objectives) Guide

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Cyberpunk 2077 has many available missions and quests, most of which come with optional objectives too.

Whilst these optional objectives are not exactly mandatory, hence the optional part, it is still nice to get them complete.

One such optional objective can be found within the The Information mission which involves inspecting Yorinobu’s apartment with Evelyn.

This includes finding the apartment’s security, scanning a datapad and the Relic


After saying hello to the giant that is Adam Smasher we can begin!

  1. Alarm System – This one can be found on the wall next to the elevator doors

2. This next Alarm System can be found on the wall opposite the first Alarm System

3. The Motion Sensor Camera can be found above the door to the right of the elevator

4. The next Motion Senor Camera can be found near the ceiling above the table.

5. The third Motion Sensor Camera can be found on the ceiling just outside of the bedroom. You will need to wait until Evelyn takes Yorinobu to the bedroom, otherwise you won’t get the light needed to see it.

6. The final security sensor can be found right next to the previous Motion Sensor Camera. It is an Automated Turret.


(For this one you need to listen in on Yorinobu’s phone call. Restart the scene if need be)

  • In order to scan the Datapad you will need to wait until Yorinobu goes to bed
  • Whilst Yorinobu is in bed he will begin reading his datapad until then placing inside a drawer.
  • As soon as he does this quickly turn to the Visual Layer (if not already on it)
  • Then stop the scene whilst the datapad is inside the drawer and then proceed to scan it. You will now learn more about the Relic


(You can find this one when the scene timer turns to 00:45)

  • The Relic can be found inside the Hidden Safe at the back of the room (North West) behind the kitchen. You will need the Thermal Layer activated


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