Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Save Brick (All Foods – Optional Objective) Guide

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Cyberpunk 2077 has many available missions and quests, most of which come with optional objectives too.

Whilst these optional objectives are not exactly mandatory, hence the optional part, it is still nice to get them complete.

One such optional objective can be found within the All Foods / The Pickup mission and it requires you to find Brick


  • The Pickup mission is story related and thus un-missable but finding Brick is however missable.
  • Anyway during the mission you will get the chance to explore the All Foods building which is actually where you meet Royce and his Maelstrom team
  • Keep progressing through the building (it doesn’t matter what outcome you choose with Royce), but we need to progress past that.
  • Keep progressing through the building until you arrive at a room with several enemies and various tables (as seen in the image above). This area is after the big room that you enter after climbing down a ladder
  • Directly opposite the first room full of tables there will be another room, that also has various tables and is actually quite similar too.
  • If you take a closer look at these tables you should notice a laptop computer sitting on top of one of them.
  • Inspect this said computer and search for the Only you guys know message
  • The message will contain a crucial passcode 9691
  • With that we can proceed to find and free Brick. Don’t worry he isn’t far and chances are you have already found him anyway.
  • If you are still unsure as to where Brick can be found then head back out of the computer room and turn to the right, opposite the stairs.
  • It is in this dark and closed room where Brick can be located.
  • Next to Brick is a keypad that you can insert the passcode into, do so and the door will unlock.
  • Say hello to Brick. Unfortunately though, the poor guy cannot leave the room quite yet as he seems to be connected to an active mine. Hmmm…
  • In order to free him from the mine you need to scan the box facing Brick (L1 – PS4).
  • After scanning the mine box choose the option Disarm (it will require 2 RAM)
  • After sorting out the mine Brick will be free to leave and so are you hazarr!


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