Cyberpunk 2077 – Can You Save Jackie Wells?

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Before the release of Cyberpunk 2077 there was a lot of talk about the possibility of saving the character Jackie Wells from a certain fate.

I mean Cyberpunk 2077 was said to be a game that is packed with various dialogue options that is meant to effect the story outcome. Just check out the official gameplay video below where we see combat against one of the Maelstrom gang members and the developer mentions ‘So many options, so many possibilities and each will have consequences that will ripple through the game world and your story’

For those who may still be confused about what I am referring to then, during The Heist mission our poor Jackie will end up getting a rather tragic fate. One in which we personally tried to research ways in trying to prevent I mean Jackie is my personal favourite character and so I made this a mandatory task to delve into.

Thus can he be saved?


Unfortunately, the answer is no. Jackie Wells cannot be saved and trust me I tried for hours for workarounds for this, only to be met with disappointment.

Now over time people have said that his fate is a much needed one, some could argue that this is due to Jackie mainly only being around as a mentor type figure and thus his fate makes way for the main protagonist V to gain a reason for revenge.

Still it is still rather tragic, more so when the developers spoilt this outcome during one of their trailers that was released a while back.

I guess lessons can be learnt when it comes to watching CD Projekt Red trailers. However, due to this specific trailer and the mentioning of different outcomes, it at the time made a lot of fans (ourselves included) think that an option to save Jackie was on the cards.

I’ll admit whilst we are on this subject, this isn’t the first time that we have been spoilt regarding CD Projekt Red games. Whilst stumbling across their various games we came across their Gwent website which shows pictures of the main Witcher 3 characters looking slightly different from how they look at the start of the game, okay that is putting it rather bluntly but that is because we want to keep it as spoiler free as possible for any potential readers of this that may not of played that specific game yet. CD Projekt Red seem to have somewhat of a habit of ruining their own games it would seem.

Anyway back to Jackie, so yes unfortunately you cannot prevent his tragic fate. However, having said that I did recently come across a forum post on the official CD Projekt Red forum regarding something that was very promising.

Please keep in mind that what I’m about to post will involve SPOILERS. Though chances are if you are reading this then you will know about most of this already..

Several proof pictures where also posted on the forum too…

So with this we can at least assume that the possibility to save Jackie was indeed on the cards, at least at one point anyway. Now all that remains is what you can see in the pictures and if you try to interact with it the game will simply block you out.

Perhaps this can be classed as cut content? Perhaps this will come in effect properly in the future? Perhaps we will be able to save Jackie? Maybe we will get a new expansion where we can have V save Jackie and a whole new adventure with the two of them as main characters? I personally would love the latter option as I think having a game about Jackie and V as the main protagonists would be rather good. Instead at present Cyberpunk 2077 is more about V and Johnny Silverhand rather than V and Jackie, which is a shame. Also, as already mentioned nothing at the actual Helipad works and again any chance of saving Jackie is currently blocked

For now we will just have to shed a farewell tear to a great character who shares a tragic and scripted fate, to make matters worse the poor character even had his gameplay segment turned into a cinematic montage. Which is rather bizarre as this montage doesn’t really help players feel any chemistry with the character and thus his death for a lot of players feels rather pitiful and underwhelming.

Cyberpunk 2077 really does not do the character any justice and I for one really hopes this changes in the future.

Anyway below is a video that I personally created and pieced together, it shows all of the various Jackie Wells character cutscenes and dialogue. Including that terrible cinematic montage too.


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