Cyberpunk 2077 – Where To Send Jackie’s Body Guide

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At the end of The Heist mission you will be tragically forced to send the body of character Jackie Wells to various different locations.

Now there are several options here but only one or two of them will warrant a certain cinematic scene, thus you can easily miss out on a rather tragic bonus scene.

This as said occurs at the end of The Heist mission where the Delamain cab will ask V where to take the body.


  1. Nowhere. Wait for me here = Doing this will make Delamain automatically take the body to Jackie’s family. Thus triggering the Jackie Funeral scene
  2. Take him home, to his family = This option will also unlock the Jackie Funeral scene
  3. Take him to Vik Vektor’s clinic = This is the only option that will result in missing out on the Funeral. The body will then be taken to Vik’s clinic and skipping the Funeral altogether. However, there is a bonus bit of dialogue with Vik regarding Jackie’s body being kidnapped during an off-screen attack. It will also trigger a scene at the end of the game where you can find out why the body was kidnapped and what became of it.

After continuing with the story a bit more Mama Wells will then text V and depending on what choice you picked, will determine what will happen next.

If you opted for option 1 or 2 a Funeral will then take place, if you opted for option 3 then you will simply be able to talk to her about Jackie but no extra scene will play out.




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