Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Get Jackie Well’s Bike / Guns (Arch & La Chingona Dorada) Guide

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When you witness the tragic fate of character Jackie Wells you will then be able to obtain a few of his personal belongings, such as his bike and guns (Arch & La Chingona Dorada)

In order to get these items you will need to specifically choose the proper options at the end of The Heist mission.


Now whilst in the Delamain Cab you will be asked what to do with Jackie’s body and be given several options to choose from.

Here is what to pick in order to acquire his belongings…

  1. Take him to Vik Vektor’s clinic = This option will allow you to obtain Jackie’s bike ONLY.
  2. Take him home, to his family = This option will allow you to obtain BOTH Jackie’s bike and his guns

After selecting the option and continuing the story a bit more, Mama Wells should then text V (if not try to ring her) regarding Jackie and the side quest Heroes should then open up


(Vik’s Clinic Option – After speaking with Mama Wells you can get the keys to Jackie’s bike outside of V’s apartment. You can then summon the bike whenever you want)

(Take the body to his family – After selecting the option at the end of The Heist mission, you will then need to call Mama Wells who will then organize a Funeral for Jackie at the Coyote Bar over in Heywood – The Glen. Complete the quest and Mama Wells will then give you the keys to Jackie’s bike.)


After witnessing Jackie’s Funeral and completing The Heroes quest, head outside of the Coyote Bar and wait 24 hours (3 TIMES), so altogether wait a total of 72 hours outside the bar.

After doing that you can find the guns on the shrine table inside the bar. (However, the guns are not that great as they only have 77 DPS and 29-36 Damage so they are only good for starting out and early game. Also, despite Jackie being a duel-wielder you can only get one of his guns and not both)


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