Cyberpunk 2077 – Full Disclosure (Side Job / Quest) Guide

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Cyberpunk 2077 has many different and optional side quests or in this case Side Jobs that you can attempt to complete. One of which is Full Disclosure

Side Jobs are often unlocked through talking to various NPC characters and/or getting random messages.

This specific quest involves searching and locating Sandra’s databank

  • LOCATION: Watson – Kabuki
  • QUEST GIVER: Sandra Doresett
  • PREREQUISITE: Complete Double Life


  • For this quest you will be required to find Sandra Dorsett’s databank, which you can begin your search in Watson – Kabuki. Also, yes this Sandra Doresett is the same woman that you saved during The Rescue mission
  • When you arrive at the building be ready for a gunfight as there will be quite a few enemies within the building.
  • In order to find the actual databank, head to the room with a woman laying on top of a table. The databank should be sitting on top of some boxes.
  • After successfully finding the databank, go ahead and call up Sandra in order to give her an update.
  • Sandra will want you to now drop the databank off at her apartment
  • Head to Sandra’s apartment over in Little China
  • Here use the elevator and ride to the 5F apartments
  • Knock on the door to Sandra’s property and eventually she will open up and allow you inside.
  • The quest will then end after giving her the databank


  • 880 – Eddies $
  • 257 – Experience
  • 577 – Street Cred


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