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As a somewhat crazy fangirl of Dragon Age and mainly Dragon Age Inquisition I couldn’t help but want to add this to the site, it is quite old however it is also somewhat of an accomplishment for me still too.

Anyway if you where not aware of it already I’m a HUGE Dorian fangirl and thus I would regard myself as a Dorianmancer. Thus he was the character I chose to partner up with as my Inquisitor or Inky as the fans call the character these days slowly finds himself in a world of turmoil and destruction, often a sarcastic individual who actually wanted to conquer the world and kill everyone in it until he came across Dorian, from there it was love at first sight.

Witness the story unfold as their love gets stronger and together they conquer the darkness and Corypheus to restore peace and hope back to the world of Thedas.

(Basically this playthrough shows how I managed to complete the game using only the Inquisitor and Dorian on the hardest difficulty available, Nightmare Mode)


Inquisitor – Only Solo Run


  • Beliver of Andraste
  • Lover of Mages
  • Sarcastic 
  • Hates Varric
  • Hates Solas
  • Hates Iron Bull
  • Hates Cullen
  • Romances Dorian

Selphie Pavus believe in Andraste because he feels that having hope which comes from having a strong belief can give positive energy for those that need it.

His sarcastic and ‘doesn’t really care’ attitude can perhaps have a negative impact on others but deep down he means well.
However, this personality of his has started to cause a bit of a rivalry between him and Varric.

He has never liked Solas as he thinks he knows too much and isn’t completely telling the truth to everything. Thus he cannot be trusted.

His hatred for Iron Bull stems mainly from his blinding love for Dorian and knowing that his Qunari race has an on-going rivalry with Dorian’s home of Tevinter. He doesn’t trust Iron Bull even if he himself is no threat. 

He adores Dorian and thinks that their personalities and interests are very similar. 

Being a Mage he is not very fond of Templar, knowing about the war rebellion and having a trust issue, this leads to disliking Cullen too.  You can watch the rest here

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