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As a massive fangirl of the Dragon Age games and mainly Dragon Age Inquisition, I couldn’t help but want to add this to the site. It is rather old but it is also somewhat of an accomplishment for me still too.

I also do not see many solo Dragon Age Inquisition playthroughs neither, thus I wanted to change that. 
For this playthrough I let my Youtube Subscribers decide on who my Inquisitor should romance, thus a poll was created and the end verdict was that she should be with Cullen. I’ll admit the Cullen romance story is rather good in this game and was my first romance in the game when I was going through the game and playing it blind.

​(Basically this playthrough shows how I managed to solo the entire game using ONLY the Inquisitor or Inky as fans seem to call the character these days. Where I opted to play as a Mage, my personal favourite class. Played on the highest difficulty, Nightmare Mode.)


Inquisitor and Dorian – Nightmare Difficulty Playthrough


  • Friendly
  • Doesn’t believe in Andraste
  • Hater of Lyrium
  • Romances Cullen (Chosen by my loyal subscribers)
  • Loves Varric
  • Hates Casandra
  • Hates Dorian
  • Hates Solas
  • Hates Vivienne

Selphie Solo is mostly a rather nice person with a generally charming personality. However, once she found her love and interested in Cullen and after hearing how Mages had treated him in the past, her love for him blinded her and thus she started to despise other Mages and this is what lead her to became a Knight Enchanter. She became a Knight Enchanter to try and ignore the fact that she too is a Mage.

She also has a rather soft spot for Varric, though she doesn’t actually know why maybe she just felt sorry for him or something.
Anyway after hearing how Cassandra treat him, she also hates her too.

She doesn’t believe in Andraste as it can provoke clashes and divide opinions between the masses. She ideally would rather prefer to live in a more peaceful world where everyone can live in peace and harmony and co-exist among one another.You can watch the rest here

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