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In this guide we walk you through getting and locating all 20 of the different Humans that can be found within Darksiders III (3). Some of which can be tricky to spot and locate but if you manage to find and collect them all then you will be rewarded with the Trophy / Achievement ‘Humanity’


Bomb Bug Puzzle
Block and Tornado Puzzle
Block and Switch Puzzle
Spinning Wheel Bridge Puzzle
Forgotten Lake Puzzle



As you continue your way through the demon filled streets you will once again bump into the Merchant.
This time he is standing next to some vehicles. If you keep going past him and stay on lower ground, you will come across an open manhole near a vehicle, the human is down there.


As you journey through the underground Station you will bump into the Merchant, whom is stood alongside the Train Tracks.
If you head past him but stay on the same path and head to your first right leading down and to a Web.
Stop at this Web and turn around, there should be a small path to the right of the one you just came down. Follow that said path and it will lead to a hole, crawl under it to find the human.


If you continue your journey through the egg webbed infested area keep head onto higher ground whenever possible and stay on higher ground. Eventually, you will find an area with 4 statues all near each other, neither of which has any fiends inside.
The path in which the statues are on will lead to a dead end, or you may think that anyway. However, if you look up you will notice more statues and a ledge you can jump to. Jump onto this very ledge to find the next human.


As you continue your journey through the Grotto you will once again bump into the Merchant.
This time he is stood next to a small flight of steps and a hole in the wall. Head up the flight of steps to reach the human


If you continue your journey through the underground station. You should eventually come across the Merchant
and to a set of stairs, these are unmissable as you need to go up them to proceed. However, if you ignore these stairs and head into the
opposite direction, you will come across two Trains which are more or less buried underground. Climb one of them to reach a hole, the human is in there.

6) North End

As you continue your way through another street that looks similar to the ‘Crossroads’ you will come across a small room with a Purple wall, a Bomb Bug and some fiends to fend off.
Take out the trash and attack the purple food on the ceiling to make it drop to the floor, from there grab the Bug and make it eat so it is ready to explode.
When it is ready quickly run out of this small room and turn left to see yet another purple wall, blow this up to find the next human

7) Festering Pool

As you continue through the fiend ridden area you will eventually find yourself in another building, now this cannot be missed as you need to use the exact same Bug to blow the wall in order to progress the story.
However as you get to this purple wall, Bug and food ignore all of that for now and climb over the crates and towards the small gate to see this human

8) Drowned District

As you continue to swim through the water and finally reach dry land, you will be tasked with heading up a small flight of steps.
Eventually following the path upwards and onwards you will find 2 grappling poles that you can swing from, use them and once you land after the second one quickly turn around and look to the left to see something you can use your ‘Salvation’ weapon on. Do so and use the ‘Storm Hollow’ to get there.

9) Mangled Freeway

As you continue onwards and past the bridge section you will find a Checkpoint, after this you will eventually find yourself in a small room with a human, this is practically unmissable as the story takes you into this room anyway

10) Forgotten Lake 

In order to rescue this human you need to of completed the ‘Forgotten Lake Puzzle
After completing that just continue upwards and follow the path, eventually you will hear him and find him just over the wall, jump up to it and rescue him!

11) Sunken Tracks

This one you will find near the merchant just before the ‘Gluttony’ boss. However, in order to find this human you must first face and defeat Gluttony.
After doing so you can return to the Merchant and using your new ability climb up the icy wall and find the human in a small room that is being blocked by some smashable objects.

12) ​Crossroads Revisit

This one you will find near the metal objects and where a big foe lies in wait. Simply smash the purple wall to find him

13) Scar

Near a spinning Wheel puzzle you will find a small bridge with an Ice wall you can climb. Here you will also find 2 Crab like fiends to take care of as well as the human

14) Scar

As you travel through Scar you will come to some platforms you can ride on. The second of these also takes you to some Sharp Spiked Machine in which you can freeze, do so and jump to the bottom to find this one! (It is near the Chosen)

15) North End

From the Merchant keep following the road until you reach a Yellow abandoned Taxi vehicle and the end of the road. Go down here and into the Tunnel, the human is in there.

16) Makers Forge

Start by heading up the wooden stairway and follow the path, remember to burn the web at the end. As you continue onwards, swing over to the other Tree and follow it down and into a building. From there continue onwards and upwards, eventually the room will open up and you will want to keep climbing upwards. Keep climbing and following the path to reach this one!

17) Makers Forge

From the Merchant follow the path near him down and swing towards the next building. From there follow and jump to the next building, remain going right and you will reach what seems like a dead end. However, if you switch to the ‘Storm’ form you can fly using the mini Tornadoes to reach another building. From there head left and keep going up and around.

18) Tangled Grotto

At the merchant head right and remain right and use the ‘Purple’ form to smash the Purple wall, from here switch to the ‘Fire’ form and jump up on to a ledge and climb through a hole.
From there keep right and drop down a hole along the wall near the fork. Remain right and follow the path up a small ledge. 

19) Cargo Ship

From the Merchant head right towards where you fought the Octopus boss. At the Crates use the ‘Storm’ form to get across to the other side. 
Head left and smash through a ‘Purple’ wall. Head through the doorway to a rather large purple column. For this mini puzzle you want to smash this column so you can move it and jump onto the rail walkway above.
On the rail hit the Transporter fiend off and onto the floor below. Keep hitting the Transporter along the road so you can climb to the above structure. The human is in there along the walkway.

20) Sunken Tracks

From the merchant head down the stairs and using the ‘Freeze’ form head up the wall and to the top. Change to the ‘Purple’ form and swing onto the pole and quickly latch yourself onto the purple wall. From there follow it along and drop back down, smash the purple wall to find the next human.

That concludes the guide on where to find all 20 humans for the ‘Humanity’ trophy achievement


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