Darksiders III (3) : How To Unlock Essence Of A Chosen (One Of The Chosen) Trophy Achievement Guide

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In Darksiders 3 one of the many Trophies / Achievements within the game is to track down and hunt a fiend known as one of the Chosen.
Now there are many of these types of fiends but the earliest you can face one is the first time you enter the Hollows area. Now these can be rather tough to fight but with persistence it can be done, of course if you think your not ready for the fight just yet you can always come back later when you have gained better abilities and gear!

As the story takes you into the hellish fiery depths of the Hollows you will come across a rather large room, after taking care of a large foe who is blocking a Gate, keep going.
Fend off some more Skellies and eventually you will find yourself in a room with some rather hot Lava dripping down. There is also a small flight of stairs in the exact same room.
Head up these small set of stairs and smash all of the different Vases and such to reveal a small hole near the floor. Crawl through this hole and follow it to a lever and a dead end. Turn this lever and a door will be revealed! Crawl back through the hole and head back to where you came, all the way back to the small narrow area but BEFORE proceeding turn right and down a small area.
To your right at the end of this area should be another set of steps, head up these steps to the foe you need. Vanquish this foe and you will get the item you need and the Trophy / Achievement along with it.


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