Death Stranding : How To Remove FRAGILE Bomb (Chapter 3 – South Knot City) Guide

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That strange guy from that past cutscene was rather nice wasn’t he? Making sure we managed to get all of our Cargo and making sure we did not miss any.. what a nice gentleman. We need more people like that in this world!

Actually truth be told that strange guy was not very nice at all, in fact that nervous wreck was none other than Higgs the evildoer! and guess what that Cargo he just gave you wasn’t actually required for South Knot City at all, in fact it was a Bomb.

Chances are though, you already knew this and have blown up poor South Knot City already, killing all of their poor holographic entities and destroying the world.. oopsie. 

So what can we do in order to prevent the destruction of South Knot City again? Well first you need to get a good idea as to what the Cargo is and distinguish it from your other Cargo, if your like me and did not catch on with that past Higgs cutscene or just wasn’t paying attention then all of this may of seemed like a huge surprise to you.

The actual item you want is called the Small Thermonuclear Weapon and what you need to do is throw it into the Ocean nearby in order to dispose of it. 
Simply throwing it out of the way near the tall cliffs in the vicinity will not suffice, believe me I already tried that when I failed to read the whole Nuclear part. It needs to be the nearby Ocean, which thankfully is not very far at all. 

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