Control : Threshold Kids Show – (Strange Kids Show)

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Control is somewhat of an odd game and it is not short of oddity events and occurrences. One of which is the Threshold Kids show.

You can watch this in the Janitor room on a small black tv, it is actually the only room near the Janitor that has a working television set.
Now we won’t go into spoilers about this one but we couldn’t help but feel like though it can be perhaps classed as rather humours, it is also an odd show for a kids television programme. 

It talks about areas that the player going through this game will be perhaps familiar with and maybe it also hints at potential answers to the main character and her on-going quest. 

What is also rather strange is how the two talking dolls interact with one another, one of which seems to be smart and the other not quite as brainy.

Video games have always had their oddly interesting and unexpected hidden clues within their games, in fact as we type this we are listening to the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack which is another game with unexpected surprises hidden within the game.

​Anyway below is a video showing the show and its obscurities 

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