(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake : Barret Wallace (Solo) Vs Scorpion Sentinel (Boss Fight) Gameplay

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The demo is finally out, in fact it has been out on PS4 for the past few days now and it seems to be quite a hit with quite a number of people expressing how much they love the demo. We will not be surprised in the slightest if this demo gets an award for the most downloaded during this whole month too.

Anyway we still have quite a wait until the full game is released this April 10th and we for one cannot wait until it does, we are counting the days and believe me it feels like its been a very long wait too.

(Note: This page was originally created back in March 3rd. It got transferred from an old site of mine and thus the date is different)

So with the demo being the only form of real gameplay that fans like ourselves can really get their teeth sunk into right now, many people are taking advantage of this.
We have seen many people replay the demo over and over trying to find out any possible hidden secret that may be included within the demo, some are replaying it to get a better feel of what to expect come the games full release and then we have seen some other people play it and even attempt to speedrun it, despite being a mere demo.

Thus we ourselves decided to join in and create a video that is a bit different from a regular playthrough. Unlike quite a few people out there this was only our second playthrough of the demo and perhaps things within this video could of been done a little bit differently in terms of a better strategy, still it is a demo and thus you can only really try and take advantage of the abilities that you are given rather than equipping anything better that may be available at this point during the main game.

Anyway during our first playthrough of the demo we fell in love with the character Barret Wallace who in this game is voiced by John Eric Bentley.
John Eric Bentley is one of the many new actors to lend their voice to a cast of characters that has already been well established amongst fans and already has a very big fanbase too, in fact the original voice actor for the character of Barret Wallace was actor Beau Billingslea who voiced Barret back in Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children.
However Jon Eric Bentley isn’t exactly new when it comes to video game voice acting, having already lent his voice to a wide range of characters from several big named titles including; Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Kingdom Hearts III, Red Dead Redemption II and PS4’s Spider Man to name but a few.

Though like a lot of other people out there, we where unsure on what these new voices would be like and if they would even suit the actual character role. All we can say and long story short is that we personally think that so far John Eric Bentley has managed to do an excellent job at voicing the character of Barret and we cannot wait to hear more of his dialogue once the full game is released.

So as we said we decided, being a huge fan of the Barret Wallace character, to do a simple run using only Barret against the deadly Scorpion Sentinel boss which was the only boss that you could fight within the demo. The Scorpion Sentinel though for the most part is just like the version in the original Final Fantasy VII game back on PSOne, the only real difference being instead of being known as the Scorpion Sentinel it was instead known as Guard Scorpion.

The fight itself wasn’t that difficult as thankfully Barret has the ability to Cure and cast Steelskin which is automatically given to the character and this helped out quite a bit in terms of healing and taking less damage.
His abilities in general especially Focused Shot does quite a bit of damage to the Scorpion Sentinel too.

The boss itself has several different phases or forms that it goes through before finishing it off. The first phase is actually quite easy and you just want to basically damage it with any and all abilities in your arsenal.

The second phase however is a little different. For this one the Scorpion will have a Generator ability that will give it a Shield and thus reduce quite a bit of damage.
Your goal here is to run behind it and attack the Generator and only when the Generator has been dealt with can you then aim for the Scorpion itself. Also, if your not quick enough the boss will then regenerate a new Generator and you will have to repeat the same strategy over again. Thus this phase is probably the longest out of all of the different phases.

After dealing with the first two phases the fight is still not over, the next phase involves it’s Tail Laser which is rather easy to avoid in all fairness.
In order to avoid any damage here you will need to hide behind some rubble that automatically falls and gives a good indication of when its about to attack with it’s Tail.

As long as you hide when you see it’s Tail go up then you should be good, just keep damaging it as you normally would.

After dealing with that phase the final phase will then be upon you, finally ha! For this one simply aim for the rather weak Legs before then aiming for the body and finishing it off once and for all!

NOTE: For those wondering this fight was based on the demo’s normal difficulty mode. Which at the time was the only difficulty available. Perhaps given the fact that the game now has a Hard difficulty it kind of takes the challenge away a bit. However, given it was only my second time playing the demo it was quite challenging at the time.

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