Deliver Us Mars – All Collectibles (Comics, Scannable, Astro Talk) Chapter 2

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Deliver Us Mars has many wonderful and delightful collectibles to be found and collected. These include; ComicsScannable objects, AstroTalks, and more..

Many of these said collectibles are quite difficult to find and are scattered throughout the various different mission chapters.

For the purpose of this specific guide we will be focusing on the collectibles that are found within Chapter 2


OBJECTIVE: Locate the damaged thruster
COLLECTIBLE: Scannable (Pearson Space Station Debris)
DESCRIPTION: Debris from Pearson Space Station. A big explosion on the station caused Rolf to be flung out, barely escaping death during Mission Fortuna. In the end he had to give his life to save us from the Blackout. A big sacrifice to make.
GUIDE: Whilst up in space proceed and exit the shuttle and head out. Drifting around in space will be the ‘Pearson Space Station Debris’

OBJECTIVE: Explore the wreck!
COLLECTIBLE: Comic (MoonMan Bundle Vol. 3)
DESCRIPTION: Issue #5 ‘Hope and Despair’ & Issue #6 ‘New Flame’. Written by Conrad Van Schaijk. Illustrations by Amira Torkar
GUIDE: We can find this comic in the second underwater section. Whilst tasked with ‘explore the wreck!’. Here we will discover some ‘LI-900 tiles’. Keep exploring the ruins, to the right there will be a section of ruin that we can explore. The comic is here. Make your way inside this ruin to find it.

OBJECTIVE: Go to the cockpit
COLLECTIBLE: Scannable (MoonBear)
DESCRIPTION: I really need this cuddly warmth, now and then. Claire wouldn’t like knowing that I brought Moonbear, seeing as it would probably remind her of the person who gave it to me. Better keep it safe in my locker.
GUIDE: After the nightmare sequence, where we are tasked with pretending to be an astronaut. We will find ourselves in the ‘Sleeping Quarters’. The moonbear can be found inside the compartment within this room.

OBJECTIVE: Go to the cockpit
COLLECTIBLE: Scannable (Zephyr-III Torpor Pods)
DESCRIPTION: After spending 6 years in one of these back on the moon, I remember how weird it feels to wake up after so long. That very specific kind of torpor sleep in those pods really messes with your head. I never quite know if I’m dreaming or not.
GUIDE: After collecting the Moonbear proceed and head to the Torpor Room. Scan the end pod.

OBJECTIVE: Go to the cockpit
COLLECTIBLE: AstroTalk (Sarah to Ryan)
DESCRIPTION: Sarah’s going through many restless nights, filled with nightmares, during out trip to Mars.
GUIDE: Make your way to the ‘Control Center’. Here there will be a panel that allows us to read messages. This particular messages relates to both Sarah and Ryan.


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