Deliver Us Mars – All Collectibles (Comics, Scannable, Astro Talk) Chapter 3

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Deliver Us Mars has many wonderful and delightful collectibles to be found and collected. These include; ComicsScannable objects, AstroTalks, and more..

Many of these said collectibles are quite difficult to find and are scattered throughout the various different mission chapters.

For the purpose of this specific guide we will be focusing on the collectibles that are found within Chapter 3


OBJECTIVE: Investigate the area (ARK Labos)
COLLECTIBLE: Scannable (Outward Colonist’s Uniform)
DESCRIPTION: All colonists wore the same outfit? Gives a bit of culty vibes, but on the other hand it does create a sort of equality and togetherness, that I kind of get.
GUIDE: Whilst exploring the ARK Labos you should come across floating uniform. Due to atmosphere within the ship. Scan the uniform.

OBJECTIVE: Investigate the area (ARK Labos)
COLLECTIBLE: AstroTalk (Luxmi to Mayooran)
DESCRIPTION: A mother attempts to contact her son, not knowing he’s in cryosleep heading towards Mars.
GUIDE: Make your way to the red corridor of the shuttle and you will come across a set of ladders. Head up from there to find a section full of pods. One of these pods is open and the message will be inside.

OBJECTIVE: Decrypt the Hologram data (ARK Labos)
COLLECTIBLE: Hologram (On The Edge Of Greatness)
DESCRIPTION: McArthur gives a grand speech about Outward’s promise to the entire colony. It seems that Rosa tried to take over the ARK and guide it to Earth, but to no avail.
GUIDE: We can locate this hologram inside the area full of pods, where we find the previous collectible ‘Luxmi to Mayooran’

OBJECTIVE: Continue the expedition (ARK Labos)
COLLECTIBLE: Scannable (Potentia)
DESCRIPTION: This technology is so much more advanced than ours. The people at Outward really were Earth’s best and brightest.
GUIDE: Continue on from the pod section and you will come across the Potentia. Scan it.

OBJECTIVE: Continue the expedition (ARK Labos)
COLLECTIBLE: Comic (MarsMan Issue#1 ‘Marooned’)
DESCRIPTION: MarsMan Issue #1 ‘Marooned’ Written by Conrad Van Schaijk and Illustrations by Amira Torkar
GUIDE: Find the ARK’s solar energy transformer and head right. Keep following the mission marker and it will lead to a room full of monitors. Head inside the first room on the left. The comic can be found here casually floating around.

OBJECTIVE: Continue the expedition (ARK Labos)
COLLECTIBLE: AstroTalk (Jeremy to Kofi)
DESCRIPTION: A crew member of ARK labos is venting about his current rotation aboard the station.
GUIDE: Remain in the same area. The AstroTalk is located floating around in the opposite section of the room.


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