Deliver Us Mars – Who Waits Five Minutes, Seriously? (Waiting Game Ryan) Trophy Achievement

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Who Waits Five Minutes, Seriously? is a trophy achievement within Deliver Us Mars. It requires players to Play the waiting game with Ryan.

This particular trophy achievement can be unlocked during Chapter 1, when we meet up with Ryan. It is a simply one that has us going and playing idle for a limited amount of time.

We can unlock the Who waits five minutes, seriously? can be unlocked during Chapter 1. When we are tasked with heading back to the WSA

Here we will encounter the character, Ryan. Who will be waiting for us at the truck vehicle. Speak with him and we will learn a bit more about the site and Ryan. Listen to him talk.

However, when he tells you to hop inside the vehicle. Ignore him. Do nothing. In fact this is when we need to wait the full 5 minutes. Yes do completely nothing for a good 5 minutes.

Eventually Ryan will give up waiting for you and start demanding you to get inside the vehicle. The trophy achievement should then pop!

Simple and easy, right?


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