Dead Space Remake (2023) – All Weapon Locations (Full Arsenal)

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There are many different weapon upgrades, schematics, and of course, weapons to be found within the 2023 remake of Dead Space. Thankfully in order to obtain the Full Arsenal trophy achievement you only need to collect the various different weapons.

There are seven different weapons to collect altogether and they can be found in various different locations, throughout the game and mission chapters.

(Note: For those that may be interested to know where the schematics and weapon upgrades are located please refer to the appropriate pages)

For the purpose of this specific guide I will be listing where exactly you can find the required weapons, that can help unlock the Full Arsenal trophy achievement

COLLECTIBLE: Plasma Cutter
GUIDE: This one will more than likely be the very first weapon that you come across. It is located on a workbench, after having ridden the elevator lift.

LOCATION: Medical Tram Station
GUIDE: We can find this one in the hands of a dying soldier at the Medical Tram Station

LOCATION: Preparation Room
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Refuel the Engines (South)
GUIDE: From the Control Room proceed and make your way towards the Preparation Room. Continue on into the next following room. Down the ramp here is a fallen soldier with our ‘Ripper’.

LOCATION: Engine Room
COLLECTIBLE: Flamethrower
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Manually Ignite the Engines
GUIDE: Unlock the ‘To Engine Room’ door by interacting with the nearby circuit breaker. You will have to use Kinesis on the active fans in order to slow them down.

LOCATION: Records Office
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reroute Power from Mining Administration
GUIDE: From the Mining Administration hallway or corridor make your way to the Records Office. It will require Level 2 Clearance.

LOCATION: Emergency Equipment Storage
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Lift the Lockdown
GUIDE: Head to the ER Hallway A in order to find the ‘Emergency Equipment Storage’. It will require Security Level 2

LOCATION: West Seedling Room A
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Inject Wheezer 01
GUIDE: From the West Grow Chamber find and enter the ‘West Seedling Room A’. We will find it on the floor inside this room. To unlock the door we need Security Clearance Level 2.


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