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There are many places where you can find and collect the various different Probes, one such area is the Turnip Seed Farm

Thus this page will be covering all of the Probe collectible locations within Turnip Seed Farm. There are a total of 25 Probes in this area altogether

NOTE: Please keep in mind that we are going counter clockwise across the area (From Probe #1, continue going right) Hopefully this will help with anyone who may get lost with direction

#1 PROBE: 

Starting from where you and the ship spawn in, you will want to head to the small pen that is currently full of cows. (As seen in the above image)

Your first Probe is here hovering under the roof of the building

#2 PROBE: 

Like previously mentioned and I may continue saying, we are going counter-clockwise through this area. Thus keeping to that direction and next to the pen of Cows should be a Tractor. (As seen in the above image) The next Probe is right next to the Tractor

#3 PROBE: 

Straight ahead and across from the Tractor should be a building with smoking coming out of it. 

If you head to that area but stop at the first building on the right, you should see this next Probe right next to this building (as seen in the image above)

#4 PROBE: 

If you turn your attention to the white building here (same area where I found Probe #3), fly up and you will see the next Probe sitting on top of the chimney here

#5 PROBE: 

Heading across the road here (As seen in the image above)

Head toward the rocks in the grass and you should hopefully see Probe #5

#6 PROBE: 

This next one can be found right across from Probe #5, sitting or rather hovering next to the water

#7 PROBE: 

If you turn to the left of Probe #6, you should see a little hill and some buildings on top, head there

You should hopefully see this next Probe just sitting inside the building here

#8 PROBE: 

Heading left from Probe #7, you should hopefully see another large pen of cows

Behind the building closest to the human with the newspaper is the next Probe, as seen in the image above

#9 PROBE: 

Continuing up the next hill there should be a large house, head there

The next Probe is hiding inside the cart here

#10 PROBE: 

The next Probe is just chilling and hovering in the middle of the road

#11 PROBE: 

Crossing the other side of the road where I found Probe #10 and you just simply followed instructions, there should be another building.

As you can probably see this next Probe is hiding next to the building

#12 PROBE: 

Follow the bubble circle in the image to the next Probe, basically head back to the pen of cows

This next Probe can be found hovering above the water well here (circled in the image above)

#13 PROBE: 

Follow the bubble circle in the image above (basically head to the light in the distance). You will need to cross the nearby water in order to get there. By pass the water, no need to actually go in it. 

Once you reach the green building with the scarecrow outside of it, you can stop

The next Probe can be found hovering above the little green building here

#14 PROBE: 

Head to the building just a little North West from Probe #13

The next Probe will be hovering amongst the trees here

#15 PROBE: 

Don’t stray too far away from where Probe #14 was located, as the next Probe can be found hovering next to an explosive barrel

#16 PROBE: 

Again don’t stray too far away, this next one can be found on the other side of the building here

#17 PROBE: 

Follow the bubble circle in the image above and head Northkeeping close to the water’s edge.

As you can see this one is enjoying the calm water ha!

#18 PROBE: 

This next one can be found on a small isolated bit of land slightly North West of Probe #17

#19 PROBE: 

Heading back towards the building where I managed to find Probe #16 and you simply followed instructions. 

Here you should be able to spot yet another isolated bit of land, once again head towards it

#20 PROBE: 

This next Probe is just across the water from Probe #19. It hovers on top of a rock next to the water

#21 PROBE: 

Again sticking close to the water’s edge. Head just a little North from Probe #20 to find this one

#22 PROBE: 

From Probe #21 turn around and go up the hill here

If you go through the Orthopox blue message sign then you know you are heading in the right direction

You should see this next one by the tree here

#23 PROBE: 

Heading back towards the Farm area, keep to a slight North West direction

This one can be found right in the corner of the fences here, the white fences belongs to the white Farm building

#24 PROBE: 

You more than likely saw this one when you collected Probe #23, it really isn’t that far way

#25 PROBE: 

 closer to the white farm building now

If you fly on to the roof of the white farm building, you should hopefully find this last remaining Probe

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