Hellpoint – All 4 Coin Locations (Embassy Area) For Your Thoughts – Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Hellpoint. One of which is For Your Thoughts.

For Your Thoughts requires players to find the 66 coins. Now this specific page will guide you on how to find all of the coins that are in the Embassy area.

There is a total of 4 hidden coins within the Embassy area, though as previously said there are 66 altogether throughout the game

Coins are a symbolic token to those who participated in the funding of the project


Get to the area in the above image if you have not already done so and then we can begin..

Start off by heading North and then just follow the steps downContinue on after than

When you come to the area in the above image, head right to where the pillars are and where I have marked the image with my fancy bubble

Head through the doorway here. Activate the elevator at the end of the hall, ride it down.

Ride up to the second floor (We will be back here in a bit, so remember that)

Once you reach the second floor, head left and down a small set of steps. Here you can ride down to lower ground once again

Once you are on the lower ground, you can pick up the yellow item here (INB Vault Key). Ride back up

Head back to the room that I told you to remember, if you have forgotten then use the image above for guidance and/or scroll up a bit to find out where you need to be. Use the elevator to ride back up, the elevator is connected to the room in the image above, I told you we would be back here.

We should now be back to the pillar room, where we had to enter a doorway in order to reach the elevator. This should all be familiar territory right now.

If you continue North you will eventually come across a fork in the path here. You will want to head right

Ignore the obvious door here at the end of the path. Instead you will want to turn your attention to the wall on the left (as seen in the image above). There is actually a hidden door here that you will need to examine and investigate in order for it to open

Head left and through another doorway

Down the next set of stairs (as seen in the image above). Keep following the stairs downdrop through the hole in the stairs in order to reach ground floor

Whilst in this rather small and ”great for claustrophobic people’ room, you will need to look for an area that is identical to the area in the above image. If you go in the area that I have marked with my bubble you should find a hidden elevator that you can ride down

Here you can use the INB Vault Key

You should now be able to find your first coin


In order to get this one you will need to head back to the room with the hidden elevator, the room that I said was great for claustrophobia. In this rather small room there will be a door with an orange marking on the top of it (as seen in the image above). Open the door here

Inside this room you will want to interact with the blue thing on the wall in order to unlock the door that I have marked above. You may need to wait a little bit until it does actually unlock

It’s now time for some platforming, head to the right side of the room and begin jumping over the gap in between the platforms.

You now want to head on over to the white object that I have marked above. Be careful that you don’t accidentally fall to the pits below, use the platforms and ledges in order to help you out.

Now carefully follow this platform up towards the sea of stars, you will find the next coin at the end here


​Return to the start of the Embassy stage and then follow the (what should now be) familiar territory, right back to where you found or rather I found the INB Vault Key and you just followed instructions. However, we want to be in the area in the above image (not on the same floor as the key), it is the second floor just before riding down to the key. 

Jump over to the other platform here. Once you are on the second platform, drop to the lower floor.

Head through the next doorway here and up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs you will want to follow the path and when you see a chance to ride up to the second floor, TAKE IT!

The 3rd coin will be found up here sitting in the corner


Drop back down from where you should be standing after getting Coin #3. Head back down the stairs

Just opposite of where you should pop out into, should be another set of steps to go up, do so.

Keep following the path and then head left to an area that you can ride up

The fourth and final coin will be found on the second floor here, hiding in a small room

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