Maid Of Sker – Beer Tap Puzzle (Look For Cylinders – Hotel) Guide

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There are many different puzzles in order for you to solve and progress within the horror game, Maid of Sker.

One such puzzle that you will probably come across involves the Hotel, looking for cylinders and more specifically the Beer taps.

Below is a guide on how to solve the Beer Taps (the Cylinders is not part of the puzzle, that is merely an objective)

As you can see in the above image, our current objective is to Look for Cylinders whilst in the hotel, now this is important as it helps to know which puzzle we are referring to and what part of the game we are up to. 

The above image also shows where we need to be right now too, for example we currently need to be in the ground floor of the hotel, so head there

You will now be inside the Hotel, spooky.. Anyway you should end up coming across an Octopus type stage area, this is where you will get the much needed Kraken Key

Use the newly found Kraken Key in order to proceed on, then head to the location marked in the above picture. (Near here is the phone that you can use too, which is part of the story but not actually part of the puzzle)

Remember this room as it is in here that you can find the Beer taps, which unlike the phone is essential to this whole puzzle. 

Unfortunately as you can probably see the Beer taps seem to be missing a handle, not good. 

Okay now that we know where the Beer taps are (remember the location), we can now proceed. Head to the area marked on the map in the above image, it will lead you to the main hall. You may encounter an enemy along the way, so watch out. You will also need to unlock the door here too in order to gain access to the main hall (don’t worry you will not need a key)

Whilst in the main hall just continue North and follow the linear corridors.

Head to the dead end of the narrow corridor (as shown in the images above). Here you will find a door, well we can now use the Kraken Key that we got earlier in order to unlock this door

You should now be in a room that looks like the one in the above image.

On the table here you can find the much needed Beer Tap, nice! With the Beer Tap now in our hands we know exactly where we need to go now (remember? I did mention a room that you needed to remember earlier)

Now we can insert the Beer Tap that we just found, however we are not yet done here. We will now need to pull the Beer Taps in the correct order.

You can try and solve the next puzzle yourself using the pictures on the wall in the above images.

However, from my knowledge the puzzle is not random and thus if you cannot solve the next part yourself then, the answer is to pull the following taps in this specific order
(From Left to Right = Tap 1, Tap 3, Tap 2, Tap 4)

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