Tell Me Why – All Missable Achievements (Chapter 1 – Homecoming) Guide

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There are quite a few different achievements that you could possibly miss out on whilst playing the adventure game, Tell Me Why.

These include the following;

We Need To Talk Achievement,
This Is Despicable Achievement,
Crafty Goblins Achievement,
Full Confession Achievement,
Hacking 101 Achievement.

However, we have you covered on how to unlock these so you don’t miss out. So let’s begin!

WE NEED TO TALK – 25 Point Achievement

REQUIREMENT: Take time to talk things over with your twin

You can unlock this one once you reach the family home. If you look around you should be able to find an empty bench nearby in which you can choose to sit on. In doing so both Tyler and Alyson will begin reminiscing over life

THIS IS DESPICABLE – 50 Point Achievement

REQUIREMENT: When we say locked, it’s locked

You can unlock this one whilst at the old family home. You will need to head to a door (now I’m not sure if this actually works on all locked doors but I used the one in the image above). This door belongs to the Shed and can be found to the right side of the building. Simply try to open this door, obviously though it will not open as it is locked and thus Tyler will keep commenting and saying words such as ‘It’s locked all right’, ignore him and keep trying to open the door regardless. After a few attempts to open it, the game will award you with the achievement.

CRAFTY GOBLINS – 50 Point Achievement

REQUIREMENT: Solve the puzzle on Mary-Ann’s door

This one also occurs whilst at the old family home, for a complete guide on this please refer to the page here

FULL CONFESSION – 50 Point Achievement

REQUIREMENT: Make Tessa tell everything she knows

This one can be unlocked when the game objective changes to ‘Find evidence to confront Tessa

As the game implies, you are now going to need to find evidence in order to confront Tessa and in order to get the achievement you will need to find all of the evidence!

You can start off by heading inside Tessa’s room and inspect her computer which will of course be on her desk.

Now feel free to search into all of these messages if you want, however the main one that you will need to look into is the Alliance For Traditional Families – November Newsletter article, this will mention the Virtual Seeker’s Youth Camp.

The next piece of evidence can be found within the locker here or cabinet (as seen in the image above). Inside here you should be able to find a book, inspect this book and read or flick through the pages ALL OF THEM, well keep flicking through the pages until October 2004 is mentioned at least.

You can now speak to Tessa and choose the ‘We remembered details‘ option. Tessa will now be accused of being a loan shark.

Thanks to that book I told you to pick up before, we can also follow up on her accusations with the ‘October 2004‘ option, select that option.

You will now be given another set of optional dialogue to choose from, however thanks to the computer we inspected earlier we can also answer this one too. The correct choice is You told her about the camp

The game will then ask you about the name of this camp and once again thanks to the computer, we also have the answer to this one too. The correct choice for this one is Virtue Seeker Youth Camp

HACKING 101 – 50 Point Achievement

REQUIREMENT: Find the password to unlock the Police Station computer

As you progress through the story, you will eventually come across a Police Station. However, at first this door will be locked and thus you will need to head on upstairs and speak to the Detective who is inside the room here, he will give you a set of keys for the room in the image above.

You will most likely spot the computer almost instantly upon entering the room.

Inspect this computer and then keep scrolling across until you come across the name D. Wilson the correct password for this section is the word SALEM

After successfully entering the correct password, you will then be able to read more files and some of which are quite interesting too.


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