Tell Me Why – Mary-Ann’s Room Door (Puzzle Solution – Homecoming) Guide

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As you continue the story you will eventually end up back at the family home, it is here where you will discover this locked door and puzzle.

As this puzzle is story related you will need to solve it as it is not optional, however the answer to this riddle is actually quite easy.

As you can see the door has many pictures on as well as 3 dials that you can turn, however some of these pictures represent the wrong picture and thus we need to turn these dials to the correct images.

If you turn to the Princess’s Party section of your journal the answer to this riddle will be lurking here but we need to solve it using this section of the book. Feel free to read it and try and work it out for yourself.

The clues to this riddle can actually be found on the following pages; 2 and 3, read through those pages and try again to work it out now that you now you can now limit yourself to only those few pages.

However, if you are indeed still struggling then the hints to this riddle are as follows; Torch, Sword, Coins

Time for some more reading, this time we need the ‘The Moose Teaches The Goblins‘ section of the book, so skip to that section this will tell you who the first animal is that you can insert on the first dial on the door.

If you now turn to the The Bear and the Princess section of the book you will then learn of the next animal to be inserted onto the next dial

Lastly the Pelican Goblin section of the book will tell you of the last animal picture for the dial on the door.

If you still have no idea what the answer is to the door puzzle then it is the following; Moose, Bear, Pelican (as shown in the above image). Congratulations you can now continue the story..


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