Tell Me Why – All Collectibles Locations Guide (Chapter 1 – Homecoming)

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The first episode of the emotional adventure title ‘Tell Me Why’ has arrived and so too has the first set of collectibles.

Tell Me Why – Episode 1 : Homecoming features 5 collectibles in total, all of which are scattered throughout the entire episode. Since these collectibles can be hard to find we have decided to create a simple little guide that will hopefully help with this.


The first collectible is part of a set and thus will not actually count until you manage to get them both.

The first collectible can be found as soon as you gain control of Alyson.

There will be a box underneath the bed, which you will need to take anyway as it is needed for the story.

Inside this box will be the first collectible, now to get the second one of this set..

The second one can be found when the game switches to Tyler. It is also in a shoe box (as seen in the image above)


The next collectible known as The Mad Hunter can be found when you arrive at the family home.

You will need to remove the wooden planks in order to get under the house (this is story related)

Keep following the rather linear path under the house

If you stick to the right side at all times you will eventually come across a fork in the path, once again stick to the right and you should be able to find this next collectible sitting on the floor next to a blue barrel.


After successfully solving Mary-Ann’s door puzzle, you should find the next one laying on the floor next to the bed

That is 3 down, 2 more to go..


Eventually the game will take you to a little shop and you will have control of the character, Alyson.

First off head inside Tessa’s room (as seen in the image above)

Inside Tessa’s room there will be a locker or cabinet that you can open, do so..

Inside the cabinet/locker there will be the next little guy for you to collect, cute..


The final collectible can be found within the Police Station.

Head inside the interrogation room (shown above) you will need the keys from Detective Wilson first, which you can get by talking to him on the second floor. (Story related)

You can find this one in the back of the room by the white boxes in the corner.


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