Marvel’s Avengers : New Normal (All Collectibles – Comics, Intelligence) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock whilst playing Marvel’s Avengers, two of which are Prized Collection and Information Overload.

Prized Collection requires players to collect a full comic set, whilst Information Overload requires players to collect 50 intelligence files.

Thus in order to get these trophy achievements you are going to have to keep a sharp eye on them as you explore your surroundings, thankfully we can always help you out with that too.

Anyway lets begin..

For the purpose of this specific guide, we will only be focusing on the collectibles that can be found whilst on the New Normal mission. In this mission there is a total of 7 different collectibles that you can find and collect


For this mission you will end up exploring the vast and dark streets, if you keep following the rooftops you will eventually be able to slide down onto the building below. Here Kamala will encounter some enemies and what she likes to call ”flying toasters” (as seen in the images above)

Deal with these ”flying toasters” or ignore them it is up to you, regardless of what you do you will need to jump to the next building ahead and it is here where you will find your first collectible, sitting on a small white table next to the gate (as seen in the images above)


For this next one you will need to arrive at the building with the Lightning Bolt picture on the door (as seen in the images above). Unlock this door as the next collectible will be found inside here

This building is actually Kamala’s home or headquarters. Anyway if you head to the left side of this room you should be able to find the next collectible on the wooden boxes here


Staying in the same building (Kamala’s headquarters) you will want to move the trolley that is currently blocking your path (as seen in the image above)

If you pull this trolley far enough you should then be able to climb it and then climb on up to the attic of the building. The next collectible will be sitting on the table here


Staying in the attic here where we managed to find our last collectible, head to the left side of this small enclosed space and you should be able to find this one sitting on the table by a drink carton


Make your way back outside once again and try to hunt down a wall with pink graffiti on it, once you find it you will then need to climb this said wall

Once you reach the roof of the next building use the bars to swing to the other building, you will now get attacked by an enemy, once again ignore or defeat it. However, for the purpose of this guide you will need to just keep to the left and jump from rooftop to rooftop

This next collectible can be found in the corner here, you can tell if this is right rooftop as there will be graffiti on the wall next to it


From the last collectible follow the path left and then once again use the bars in order to swing across to the next rooftop. Climb the pink graffiti wall to the next rooftop above

The next collectible will be sitting here on top of the next rooftop (as seen in the image above)


For this last collectible you will need to make your way to the building site area (as seen in the image above). Use the nearby bars and swing yourself on to the ledge here

Follow the rather linear tunnel and when you reach the end you should be able to find this last collectible sitting on the table to the left


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