Marvel’s Avengers : All Collectibles (Mission List) Comics, Intelligence Trophy Achievement List

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Marvel’s Avengers has many different collectibles that you can find and collect, a few of which are various different comics and intelligence files.

If you manage to collect all of these you will be rewarded with the trophy achievements Prized Collection and Information Overload.

As these collectibles are literally scattered all over the place on several different mission chapters, I have decided to make a list of missions and chapters below, so you can simply pick the one you want and go from there. I will only be listing locations where collectibles can be found and thus not all missions may be listed


I Want To Be An Avenger

New Normal

The Road Back

To Find Olympia

Chimera Intermission

Missing Links

House Call

Condition – Green

Chimera Intermission 2

Alone Against AIM

The Dogs Of War

The Ant Hill


To Stand Alone

Chimera Intermission 3

Once An Avenger..

Agony and the Ant Hill

Testing 1…2….3

Chimera Intermission 4

Starktech Outfits

Mayhem Over Manhattan

By Force Of Mind

(It has now come to my attention that the collectibles are all found in random locations, thus I have decided to stop at this point. Can’t create a guide like this when everything is random.

I will leave the guides that I have already created up just in case they do come in useful, who knows?)


After several weeks of contemplating going back to this, I have finally decided not to. Simply because after collecting the files in the missions above, I easily pulled off the ‘Information Overload’ and many other trophy achievements through just normal play and reaching gear level 100 with various multiplayer missions.

It isn’t a difficult objective to pull off, just collect the files from the missions I have already listed and then play as normal and it will all gradually come into place

Through playing multiplayer missions or solo missions for that matter there will be a ton of different missions all of which have chests that you can open, keep replaying these to earn the Strongbox achievement too.


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