Tell Me Why – How To Access The Police Station Computer (Hacking 101) Achievement Guide

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There are many different achievements within Tell Me Why that players can unlock, one of which is Hacking 101

Hacking 101 requires players to find the password to unlock the Police Station computer, up on doing so not only will you of course get that much needed and deserved achievement but you will also get a list of new and interesting articles that you can read relating to the game’s actual story.

So lets begin!

As you progress through the story you will eventually end up in a Police Station, feel free to explore but for the purpose of this guide we actually need to head on upstairs.

On the second floor you will need to knock on the door of the room here in order to be greeted by a Police Detective, this Detective will give you a set of keys (this is important!)

After getting the set of keys, we can head back downstairs. When you are back on the ground floor you should be able to spot Detective Wilson’s desk, feel free to inspect it as it will give you more insight on who Detective Wilson actually is. (Images of the desk is posted above)

However, for the purpose of this guide we need to head on down a small hall.

In this hall there will be 2 doors, for the purpose of this guide we need to enter the room on the right (I have marked the door with the bubble in the above image). This is also where we need the set of keys that Detective Wilson gave us, as these keys unlock both of the doors here.

Upon entering the room there will be a side room that will lead you to a set of lockers (as seen in the above image).

Wilson’s personal set of lockers can be found at the far end of the room and to the right (as seen in the image above). However on closer inspection his locker is currently padlocked and thus you will now need to remember both this room and where Wilson’s locker is as we will be back here shortly.

For now return back to Wilson’s desk and open the drawer here in order to find a set of keys (as seen in the image above), take these keys!

We now have access to Wilson’s personal locker, so unlock it if you haven’t already. In here we will need to pick up the piece of paper here (as seen in the above image). This will tell you of where the password is hidden (the hint is the race winner of the 20th birthday)

Back at the desk there is a birthday card (as seen in the above image). On closer inspection of this card you will learn of the birthday being on the 29th, keep in mind that this game takes place in 2015. Hopefully these hints will of sparked the answer to the password for Wilson’s computer. If not then the password to the computer is SALEM who is the name of the race winner in the 2006 race.

The articles about the dog race can be found on the wall of this desk by the lamp. It reads 2006 – Jeff King, SALEM

Now that we know the password to the computer, you will now need to access the actual computer. The computer can be found in the room next to the coat hanger (as seen in the image above)

You will most likely spot the computer almost instantly upon entering the room.

Inspect this computer and then keep scrolling across until you come across the name D. Wilson the correct password for this section is the word SALEM

After successfully entering the correct password, you will then be able to read more files and some of which are quite interesting too.


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