Disciples Liberation – Find The Priest (Main Story Quest) Walkthrough Guide

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Find The Priest is one of the main story quests within Disciples Liberation.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • QUEST: Find The Priest
  • QUEST TYPE: Main Story
  • QUEST CHAIN: Into The Twilight
  • LOCATION: Church of Saint Darchild
  • NEXT MISSION: Talk To Orion inside Yllian’s castle
  • GUIDE:


  • This is our first main story mission within the game and we start it off with a conversation between best friends Orion, and our protagonist, Avyanna. Both of whom are mercenaries
  • During this conversation we will be given a tutorial on the dialogue choice feature, which will have an impact within the game. So choose your words carefully
  • Anyway our main target here is a priest named Sebastien. An enemy of the Veil and Empire.
  • After the conversation we will be able to move. Get a feel for the mechanics and feel free to read the quest description, which will tell us of our location.
  • Then when you are ready, move on up the path to come across our first enemy unit. Click on them to begin the combat tutorial
  • For winning the fight we will then be rewarded with 120xp, 625 Gold, and Soloniel’s Mist (Primal Combat Spell)
  • If you continue to follow the path around and to the left, you will find a Healing Fountain. These are used to restore any lost health, unfortunately they can only be used once.
  • Activate the lever next to the Healing Fountain. This will open the door to the gate we just walked past.
  • Head through this gate and continue to follow the path, there may be another enemy unit along the way. At the end of the path there will be a prison with a treasure chest inside.
  • Use the nearby lever to open this gate and claim the treasure. (Field Plate)
  • Now head to the other side of the area and you will come across a dead end. There will also be an Undead Minion enemy unit here too
  • In the treasure chest behind the Undead Minion you can find Sword of the Lost Guard
  • Once you are done exploring, head through the open gate and up the set of stairs.
  • Here you will find another Healing Fountain. Use it if you want. It is probably recommended that you do so, as you can find Sebastien in this room
  • Talk to Sebastien and you will have to fight him, this is what we came here to do right?
  • There will be a total of 3 rounds that we need to try and survive through. All of the enemies are a lot tougher than what he have had to fight so far, in both defence and damage dealing.
  • However, this time we will be give an Orb of Regeneration on the grid, this will heal anyone that walks onto it and grants them with Regen.
  • In truth, we do not need to fight through 3 rounds of combat. So feel free to use the Orb of Regeneration whenever you want, don’t hesitate. This is actually a fight we cannot win.


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