Disciples Liberation – Talk To Orion Inside Yllian’s Castle (Main Story Quest) Walkthrough Guide

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Talk To Orion Inside Yllian’s Castle is one of the main story quests within Disciples Liberation.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • QUEST: Talk To Orion Inside Yllian’s Castle
  • QUEST TYPE: Main Story
  • QUEST CHAIN: Into The Twilight
  • LOCATION: Yllian City
  • PREVIOUS MISSION: Find The Priest
  • GUIDE:

Talk To Orion Inside Yllian’s Castle

  • We will now be given a tutorial on Yllian, which will be our main base throughout the game. We will be able to upgrade it and recruit new factions
  • Unfortunately we will need blueprints in order to create new areas such as the Marketplace and Blacksmith, which we will not have just yet.
  • We will be able to take advantage of the recruitment buildings though, at present we can recruit the Zombie for 500 Gold, The Shadow Caster for 500 Gold, Soldier for 500 Gold, and Possessed for 500 Gold. Take your pick at which matches your preferred playstyle.
  • When you are done sorting out your units, head to the Castle and speak with Orion. Welcome to Yllian trophy achievement unlocked


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