DOOM Eternal – All Mission Challenges (Mission 3 – Cultist Base : Pull The Crystal, Armored Rain, Master Of Turrets) Guide

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In Doom Eternal there are several different optional tasks that you can attempt to complete during certain missions.
These include gathering different collectibles as well as completing certain mission challenges.

For this page we will be trying to cover the different mission challenges for Mission 3 – Cultist Base. Cultist Base has 3 different mission challenges including; Pull the Crystal, Armored Rain and Master of Turrets


0:00 – 0:32 : Armored Rain
0:32 – : Master of Turrets

(Note: I accidentally left out the final mission challenge, Pull The Crystal. This challenge does not feature in this video. However, for this one you can simply head to the page here: Pull The Crystal.
Then head to 12:19 of the video on that page instead)

The challenges featured within Mission 3 – Cultist Base includes:

Pull The Crystal:
Acquire 1 Sentinel Crystal

Armored Rain:
Ignite 4 Demons with a single blast of the Flame Belch

Master of Turrets:
Destroy an Arachnotron turret

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