DOOM Eternal : All Secret Encounters (Mission 2 – Exultia) Guide

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There are many different Secret Encounter ‘mini mission’ sections to find and locate during your adventures in Doom Eternal.
Unlike the ‘mini missions’ you get in order to obtain the Empyrean Keys, these encounters are mainly based on killing specific demons all within a certain time limit.

It can be tricky to kill these demons within the time limit too as there can be quite a few of them and some areas are rather small which means its easy to get slaughtered instead.

Anyway this page will cover how to defeat and complete the Secret Encounters that are found during Mission 2 – Exultia. Exultia has 2 Secret Encounters in total, one against 2 Cacodemons and the other against some Lost Soul Skulls.

The Cacodemon one isn’t too difficult and it is actually the very first one that you will encounter within the game.
All you need to do in order to defeat them is to wait until they get closer and then lob Grenades into their mouths (you should hear them gulp).
After lobbing a Grenade in their mouths simply Glory Kill them to finish them off in one hit.

The second one you will encounter are the Lost Soul Skulls. These Skulls will be rather small and thus easy to miss, however they will also fly at you and explode.
Simply, use a Shotgun to finish them when they come close. Either gun will work though and this one shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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