Doom Eternal – The Ancient Gods: All Collectibles / Secrets (The Blood Swamps) Guide

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The Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods dlc has arrived and so too has a bunch of new levels, missions and of course collectibles

These collectibles usually consist of Support RunesSecret Encounters, Book Of The Seraphs and more!

This specific page will cover all of the collectibles that can be found within the The Blood Swamps mission. Of which there is a total of different collectibles that you can find. However, there is a total of 15 if you also include the BGF Ammo locations and Automaps too, which are not required for the overall mission 100% completion but are still nice to have anyway

Remember too, that even if you have almost completed the mission you CAN go back for any missed collectibles. As long as you DON’T actually leave the mission altogether


  • Here head up the stairs to the left, watch out for the fire that just happens to be sprouting right across your path
  • Collect the ammunition here if you need it, then drop off the platform at the end.
  • Immediately turn left and smash through the wall here
  • Secret Found
  • Keep following this path and jump onto the grabbable wall at the end, climb up
  • The Support Rune can be found up here


  • For this one run and jump onto the platform directly opposite you
  • Here pick up the Rad Suit
  • Then jump into the water to the left
  • Whilst underwater, turn around in order to be able to find the next collectible (Book of Seraphs V)


Swim out of the water and the Automap should be on the platform

#4 – EXTRA LIFE (1)

Simply smash through the wall here in order to be able to find this one

#5 – EXTRA LIFE (2)

  • Here use the swing poles in order to reach the platform across from you (the platform that has health on it)
  • However, once you reach this health platform, look down and you will see some smaller platforms attached to the one you are currently on
  • Drop down onto one of these and then if you look across from you, there should be a hole in the wall with a ‘small green thing’ barely sticking out of it
  • This ‘green thing’ is actually an Extra Life

#6 – EXTRA LIFE (3)

  • Here continue to the right side of the map in order to find a pool of water that you can go in, do so.
  • Whilst underwater smash through the breakable wall here
  • Through this breakable wall will be the third Extra Life


  • Here you will once again want to go underwater
  • Whilst underwater continue swimming through the yellow orb bubble here and climb back out of the water
  • Secret Found
  • An Empowered Demon may also spawn here, be careful
  • If you continue to follow this path to the right, jump over to the next platform and it is here where you should be able to find the next Codex, alongside a BFG Ammo


  • From the door (shown above) turn around and head right
  • Find the stairs next to the fuel refill, head up it. Turn right.
  • Drop down to the platform below
  • Then keep climbing up these platforms until you reach a smashable wall, smash it
  • Secret Found
  • Smack the green switch whilst we are here, then activate the skull coffin that sits next to the wall
  • If you then go and stand next to the switch you just smacked, across to the other side of the map you should be able to see the Secret Encounter. Wetland Warrior 1/2


  • Here use the blue mechanism to get across to the set of stairs
  • Pass through the opened gate and head left, this door is actually smashable
  • Secret Found. BFG Ammo


  • For this part you will want to carefully use the rotating swinging mechanisms, in order to get to the platform on the left side of the map. This will probably take some trail and error
  • Now you wont be able to reach the exact top of this left platform, however there is a climbable wall on the side of it, which is manageable to get to
  • After grabbing on to the side wall, head right to another climbable wall. After getting onto the second climbable wall, you can then finally climb and get to the top of this platform
  • Empowered Demon may now spawn
  • Here if you look across from you (left of the climbable wall you just used), you should notice another climbable wall, we want to be on that wall now
  • You should find some armor up here. However, for the purpose of this guide our next objective is to run and jump across from here and on to yet another platform.
  • Secret Found
  • Book of Seraphs (VIII)

#11 – BFG AMMO

  • From the Praetor Suit head right and up the stairs
  • The BFG Ammo can be found at the very top of these stairs


Here climb up the various pillars and platforms in order to find the next codex

#13 – SECRET AREA (5)

  • From #12 – Book of Seraphs (7) continue to climb up the platforms behind you
  • Then at the top head down the slope into a dark area
  • Follow this now linear path to an area with a large tree in the middle of the map
  • Secret Area


  • From the #13 – Secret Area (5) instead of turning right and heading down the slope, this time you want to turn left and drop down the hole
  • Smash through the wall here on the far end (not the vines)
  • Follow the next path past some health and up to a climbable wall, use it
  • Smack the green switch (block). It will now fall to lower ground, follow it
  • This is where you can get #12 – Book of Seraphs (7) (If not already got)
  • Head to the right of the map, head down and to yet another climbable wall, again use it
  • Whilst on this wall, shimmy to the left and then turn to see a platform that you can jump to, do so
  • Use the blue mechanism to fly on up and to the next Secret Encounter, have fun! Wetland Warrior 2/2

#15 – BFG AMMO

  • The final BFG Ammo for this mission can be found in the middle of the map, in order to reach it you can simply climb up to it.

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