Doom Eternal – The Ancient Gods: All Collectibles / Secrets (The Holt) Guide

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The Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods dlc has arrived and so too has a bunch of new levels, missions and of course collectibles

These collectibles usually consist of Support RunesSecret Encounters, Book Of The Seraphs and more!

This specific page will cover all of the collectibles that can be found within the The Holt mission. Of which there is a total of different collectibles that you can find. However, there is a total of 13 if you also include the BGF Ammo locations and Automaps too, which are not required for the overall mission 100% completion but are still nice to have anyway

Remember too, that even if you have almost completed the mission you CAN go back for any missed collectibles. As long as you DON’T actually leave the mission altogether

#1 – EXTRA LIFE (1)

  • Here head to the back of the white and green stump to the right of the quest marker platform, smack the switch here
  • The stump will now fall and you can gain access to the quest marker platform
  • Here climb up yet another platform, a health item lays here
  • Follow the rather eerie set of trees and brown leaves to the right of this platform
  • As you do so keep an eye on the wall to the left of you as there will be an opportunity to smash it
  • Secret Found
  • The Extra Life will be behind this breakable wall


  • From the #1 – Extra Life turn back around and this time we want to take the opposite path, so basically follow this path around to the right.
  • Run and jump onto the platform across from you
  • On the next platform turn left in order to see the Slayer Key, jump on the next platform in order to reach it

#3 – EXTRA LIFE (2)

  • From the #2 – Slayer Key head back to the platform with the eerie trees and leaves, now hidden amongst the leaves in the wall here is a sort of hidden pathway, take it. You will need to look down from the eerie tree platform (It is hidden between this platform and the wall next to it) You can also reach it if you fall to the ground level too
  • Follow the rather linear path full of lovely ammunition
  • At the end however, there will be an Extra Life


  • Now return back to the log that you fell earlier on, from that log we want to head on past the Extra Life platform that we just explored
  • However, keep an eye on the right side still as you should come to another smashable wall
  • Follow this small and linear path in order to reach the Secret Encounter. Blood Slayer 1/2


  • From here head on up the slope to the left
  • Keep to the left and you should find it without any real issue


  • On the other side of the map, straight across from the Automap is where you will find the Slayer Gate. Complete the gate to earn the Support Rune


Here drop down to the platform below you, the codex should be here

#8 – EXTRA LIFE (3)

  • Jump off the log here and then if you look under it you should notice a blue mechanism that shoots you up into the air, we need to use this
  • Use this blue mechanism to get back onto the tree stump and follow it across to another platform, this is basically you following the quest marker at this point
  • Checkpoint Reached
  • Fall off this platform but obviously not literally as there is a climbable wall directly across from you, use this
  • Whilst on this wall turn to the right in order to see a bunch of green platforms, as well as a normal one too. You will want to jump from this wall and land on the ‘normal platform’
  • Oh look a vent! Eye spy me an Extra Life inside it! Sadly we cannot reach it at present, bummer..
  • Instead stop gawking at it and use the green explosive platforms to then smash through a wall, basically use them as stepping stones.
  • After breaking the wall, follow this next path to your eye candy! ha!


On this platform simply jump on over to the platform with the noticeable codex


  • From here use the mechanism in the middle of the map
  • Then quickly look up to see a green switch in the ceiling, shoot this to turn it from green to orange. Warning though, you only have a set time to do this so be quick!
  • The gate that was once blocking the Secret Encounter is now no longer there, rip and tear those monsters! Blood Slayer 2/2


  • From here head on up to the door OPPOSITE THE ONE IN THE IMAGE ABOVE. The door we want should have a green symbol on it unlike the one in the image above
  • The room should be scattered with various trees and leaves, if so good!
  • In this room if you turn your attention to the left side of the room, it is here where you should be able to spot the final codex. We should now have all of the codex pages (if you have been following my other guides on The Ancient Gods dlc)


  • From here be prepared for quite a bit of platforming!. First of turn around and smack the green switch
  • From there jump on to the blue mechanism to the left, which will then shoot you up to the structure above
  • Quickly shoot the green switch, it should now turn from green to orange
  • A swinging bar will now appear, use it
  • Swing into the breakable wall opposite you
  • Now turn around and again shoot the green switch to turn it from green to orange
  • Doing this will turn off the blue mechanism that you used, it will also unlock the door to the codex page too
  • Head back to the blue mechanism, it does not matter if you fall off into the abyss below at this point, you will most likely teleport to where you started anyway which at this point is a good thing
  • Once back at the blue mechanism, head through the door on the blue mechanism platform in order to find this codex


  • For this one repeat the steps for #12 – SERAPHIM CODEX, however stop after activating the last green switch. We can move on from there, no need to go back again as we already have everything so far
  • Here you will want to head on up the first ramp on the right
  • Here you can find the final codex for Characters and Locations, The Father

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