Doom Eternal – The Ancient Gods: Slayer Gate Location (UAC Atlantica Facility)

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The Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods dlc has arrived and so too has a bunch of new levels, missions and of course collectibles

One such collectible is the Slayer Gate Key, which if you have managed to play the base game, will of course know that these keys open secret areas to various enemies for you to hone your skills on

Thus this page will focus on how to get the Slayer Gate Key for the UAC Atlantica Facility mission

Remember too, that even if you have almost completed the mission you CAN go back for any missed collectibles. As long as you DON’T actually leave the mission altogether

  • COLLECTIBLE: Slayer Gate Key
  • MISSION: UAC Atlantica Facility
  • OBJECTIVE: Locate The Seraphim


  • This Slayer Gate Key can be found during the mission objective Locate The Seraphim.
  • When you arrive at the actual Slayer Gate, you will want to turn back around, then head right through the red laser beams that come and go here
  • Follow the next corridor down, however before heading through the next door. Turn to the right and you should be able to see the Slayer Gate Key hiding behind a grated mesh
  • Hmm, so how exactly do we get behind there? Okay continue through the next door and at the next fork, head left
  • Then here you will want to climb up the platform, that seems to of been covered over by a large sheet
  • Okay, hopefully you have managed to keep up with me so far. If not here is another map
  • Time for some platforming, so be ready! If you look to your left and over the barrier here you should hopefully find some pipes that you can swing on. You may need to position yourself accordingly in order to be able to see them as they are technically connected to the area in which you are currently at, hence the possible difficulty in actually seeing it. They are there however, trust me!
  • So here is what you want to do. Head over this barrier and to your right is where these pipes are, you need to swing on at least two of these. It will of course require a bit of trail and error, however if you fail and fall to the dark abyss below then do not worry as you will teleport back to the platform just before these pipes. No worries, right?
  • After swinging on the second pole immediately turn right in order to be able to jump onto a small platform, and most importantly a breakable vent
  • Climb through the vent now and it will lead you to the actual Slayer Gate Key

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