Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – All 5 Giant Urns Locations (The Floating City – Optional Objective) Guide

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Collecting the Giant Urns is one of the many optional objectives that you can complete, you can find it during the Crystalline Dreams – The Floating City mission

There is a total of 5 Giant Urns that you can find altogether, these are usually found all over the entire map.

Below is a simple guide on their locations


  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the ruined courtyard
  • GUIDE: From the start of the mission turn around and you should notice a barricaded wall, the urn is behind that.


  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Activate the garden temple runesword
  • GUIDE: Head to the garden temple runesword and use the portal to the left of it, here follow the steps down and through the poisonous plants. Turn right and drop down the ledge, the next urn can be found here in the corner by a barrel.


  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Activate the ruined temple runesword
  • GUIDE: From the last collectible head back up the stairs and this time take the portal opposite the stairs. Here head left and the urn can be found behind you up on a ledge.


  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Activate the crystal grove runesword
  • GUIDE: Head to the crystal grove and continue on past the poisonous plants, the next urn is in here behind the barricade.


  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the gate to the lower mines
  • GUIDE: Head to the lower mines and here you should notice a purple glowing face statue, the last urn is next to this.


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