Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – All Optional Mission Objectives List Guide

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance consists of 21 Acts and 7 main story missions altogether (with 3 Acts per mission). These missions all feature their own set of optional objectives in which you can complete

These optional objectives usually consist of collecting items and or defeating optional bosses, some of which are really well hidden

Though these optional objectives are, as said, optional they do count towards the overall mission completion bonus and so can be rather rewarding.

Below is a list of these optional objectives and how to complete them


  • The Order Of The Light
  • An Infernal Dispute – Cultists Urns
  • Order Of The One Light – Soul Coins
  • The Return Of The Tyrant

  • The Fury Of Icewind
  • The Hunting Grounds
  • The Hall Of Judgment
  • A Tomb Of Ice


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