Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – All 5 Lore Collectibles (Goffin’s Door – Now It Makes Sense) Guide

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As you continue exploring the world of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance you will come across various Tomes, Tablets and other such collectibles. These all count as lore items and getting them all will unlock the Now It Makes Sense trophy achievement

Below is a guide on where to find all of the lore items within the The Goblin’s Shard – Goffin’s Door mission, here you will find 5 lore items to hunt down



The Thousand Years War
Settlement Of Cindryc’s Rift
A Sudden Turnaround
Good Mead


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Enter Rugrib’s Quarter
  • GUIDE: From the start continue as normal, jump over the gaps in the floor. Then head right and follow the path. At the first checkpoint there should be a path to the left, this path will lead to your first collectible.


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the broken bridge
  • GUIDE: Collect the runestone from the cracked halls then head left past the bridge and through some barricades. The next collectible can be found here


  • TYPE: Tome
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the goblin prison camp
  • GUIDE: Cross the bridge now and head left, climb up the ladders. Jump across the gap to find the next one sitting on a table


  • TYPE: Attribute Point
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the goblin prison camp
  • GUIDE: Exit the area now and head right, up the stairs and to the optional boss, Yuuk Ratbane. You will need to solve the puzzle in order to gain access to the Attribute Point, a guide for which can be found here


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Retrieve the runestone at the goblin prison camp
  • GUIDE: From the last collectible, exit the room and head left this time. The final collectible can be found in the open area to the North, before the stairs. It will be inside a cage


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