Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – All 7 Lore Collectibles (Halls Of Duegar – Now It Makes Sense) Guide

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As you continue exploring the world of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance you will come across various Tomes, Tablets and other such collectibles. These all count as lore items and getting them all will unlock the Now It Makes Sense trophy achievement

Below is a guide on where to find all of the lore items within the Companions Of Icewind Dale – Halls Of Duegar mission, here you will find 7 lore items to hunt down



Birth Of The Verbeeg
Construction Of Bangor’s Span


Targos Reconstruction
We Are Forsaken
Defeat Of The Goblins And The Adoption Of The Catti-Brie


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • GUIDE: From the start of the mission ride the lift down to the bottom, then turn and head right. The collectible is on the table here, you will need to destroy the barrels in order to get it


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • GUIDE: From the last collectible head left, and then turn right past the head statues. Jump over the platforms and turn right to find a breakable wall, the next collectible is beyond this wall


  • TYPE: Tome
  • GUIDE: Head back to the head statues and then run up the hill to the right. The next one is on the table next to the explosive pit


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • GUIDE: Head down the hill now and into the Foundry. To the right side of the room under the explosive barrel there will be a plank that you can cross, cross it. At the end climb the ledge to find some barrels. The next one is hiding behind the barrels


  • TYPE: Attribute Point
  • GUIDE: Head up the lift now to continue the story. Then right in front of you should be some debris that you can smash through, do so. Jump over the fire to find the attribute point


  • TYPE: Tome
  • GUIDE: From the last collectible head left, opposite the spike trap there will be a shack. Use the red explosive barrel to clear the way for yourself and enter. In here you will find the lever, activate it. This will lower a platform next to you with the collectible riding along with it


  • TYPE: Tome
  • GUIDE: Head into the poison area now which is opposite the last collectible. Then keep following the path until you find yourself heading right, here there will be a Lever Handle. Take the Lever Handle and climb up the ladders. Up here use the handle on the mechanism which will lower a platform. Use the platform to reach the other side and to the final collectible


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