Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – All 13 Treasure Chest Locations (Halls Of Duergar) Hidden Gems Guide

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The Hidden Gems trophy achievement requires players to find and open various treasure chests, these often contain anything from gold, weapons and even armor.

Finding them though is the tricky part as they are usually hidden and in quite good spots too. Still they are always worth it once you find them!

Unfortunately once you have opened the chest you cannot reap the rewards, meaning the only way to take advantage of anything that comes from a chest is to return to the lobby (Kelvin’s Cairn) and access the large chest here, it will be known as the Reward Chest.

Below is a simple guide on how to find all the treasure chests found in Companions Of Icewind Dale – Halls Of Duergar, which features 13 treasure chests


GUIDE: From the start of the mission and before taking the lift down, stop and turn right. Just beyond the spike trap is the Dwarven Runestone. Take the runestone and place it in the large door at the end of the hallway, the chest is in here


GUIDE: From the checkpoint with the head statues, head right to find this next one behind some debris.


GUIDE: From the last chest head left, and then turn right past the head statues. Jump the various platforms until you reach the end. From there, turn right. The next chest is just beyond the breakable wall.


GUIDE: From the last chest head back onto the other platform now, then turn right past the tent. The next chest is on top of the ledge here.


GUIDE: Return back to the head statue checkpoint and then head up the hill. The chest can be found behind the debris next to the explosive pit


GUIDE: Head down the hill now and into the Foundry. Follow the path up and to the left to find a breakable wall. Smash through the wall and navigate over the spike trap. There is another breakable wall here, it has a Lever Handle behind it, make sure to grab this.

Then run back around almost in a U-Turn type fashion and you should spot a place where you can insert this lever, do so. A platform will then lower and on this platform is a chest, jump to it.


GUIDE: From the last chest head across to the other side of the room now, and under the explosive barrel there should be a plank that you can cross. The chest is across this plank and up a ledge


GUIDE: Head up the lift now then turn right to find this one sitting against the wall


GUIDE: Continue heading right until you find a large statue surrounded by spikes, the chest is in this spike trap to the left


GUIDE: From the last collectible head in to the room that is being blocked by rubble. The chest is behind the attribute point


GUIDE: Head out of the furnace room now and turn your attention to the green poison room instead. Head right down to the checkpoint area and then up the hill to the left. There is a breakable wall here, destroy it to reveal the chest


GUIDE: Continue on but as soon as you reach the ladders stop, there are some barrels nearby. Destroy the barrels to reap your rewards


GUIDE: Turn to the table behind you and grab the Lever Handle, then climb the ladders up. Use the lever handle on the mechanism up here to lower a platform. Use the platform to get to the other side, the chest is here


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