Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – All Treasure Chest Locations (Hidden Gems) Guide

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Hidden Gems is one of the many available trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, often containing gold, weapons or something just as juicy! However, they can often be difficult to find

The good thing though is that as long as you find one you can easily restart the mission and come back to it, easily racking up the necessary amount needed for the trophy achievement.

However, that sounds a bit boring doesn’t it? I mean where is the fun in that? So below is a list of locations and where you can find each chest..

You need to open 200 Treasure Chests in order to unlock the trophy achievement


  • The Order Of The Light
  • An Infernal Dispute
  • Order Of The One Light
  • The Return Of The Tyrant

  • The Mask Of Kelvin
  • Ghosts Of The Past
  • The Broken City
  • The Face Of Kelvin

  • Crystalline Dreams
  • The Floating City
  • Crystal Harvest
  • A Crystal Crown

  • The Fury Of Icewind
  • The Hunting Grounds
  • The Hall Of Judgment
  • A Tomb Of Ice


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