Dusk Diver – All Dragon Veil Shard Locations (Chapter 11 – Normal / Hard Difficulty) Guide

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Here you will find a quick and simple guide on how to find all of the Dragon Veil Shards in Chapter 11, Normal / Hard Difficulty.

Remember if you for whatever reason end up missing a Shard you can always replay the mission at the machine inside the Mart.
​For the most part these are quite simple and easy enough to find, however for those still struggling below is a simple guide on how to find each one.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you want to look at it, you need to do this in a specific order in order to achieve these Shards.
The video explains a bit more in terms of what to do however, just in case you are still struggling to work it out. 

SHARD 1: Lies above a high platform. This needs to be taken care of BEFORE reaching the first defence system. You also need to go around the bottom of the map and then up, ignoring the path where you end up against a horde of foes. You will get two different sets of foes to kill when you reach Shard 1, however only one set of foes will drop the Shard from above. (The video below explains this a bit more) (Normal Difficulty)

SHARD 2: BEFORE reaching the last defence system, defeat the foes in order to get rid of the barrier that blocks the way to the Shard. (Normal Difficulty)

SHARD 3: This requires the same procedure as Shard 2, defeat foes to unblock the barrier. This is before reaching Exit 6. (Normal Difficulty)

SHARD 4: Before reaching Exit 6 BUT after taking care of the Green foes, this is where you will find this one. (Hard difficulty)

Simple Shard 1 Video Guide:

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