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The Icon of Sin is a huge horned demon that appears at the end of mission 13 – Final Sin. The Icon of Sin is also the final boss in the game and despite that it’s not that difficult of a fight.

I actually accomplished this one in my first attempt at the fight, it really is a pushover for a final fight. The strategy is simple too.

When The Icon of Sin first appears it will be in all grey, this grey is actually body armor. Your goal here is to use whatever weapon you deem useful and have upgraded to shoot these grey armor plates off him. This will reveal a red undercoat which is actually it’s skin.

It’s abilities is simply punching you with it’s huge fists and firing projectiles. Which isn’t that difficult to avoid, the main problem is the endless waves of other demons that accompany it.

Whilst it’s best to ignore the other spawns of demons, you actually can’t as if you do you’ll eventually get overrun by them.
So your goal here is to defeat them quickly using the red pick-up items which will actually be needed to use the Red Sword you should of got earlier, killing demons using this will finish them off first time around so only use it on the bigger demons.
Though having said that the red pick-ups do keep spawning, so you shouldn’t run out of them.
There is also the yellow pick-ups here too which fully refills your Blood Punch ability which can also finish off demons in one hit.
So finish off the other demons by using the Sword and/or Blood Punch for quick and easy kills.

That is pretty much the strategy for this final boss, simple really when you compare it to the last boss, Khan Maykr.

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