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Khan Maykr is probably the most difficult boss in the game that appears at the end of mission 12 – Urdak.
The Khan Maykr is an Angel type demon who leads and controls several of the Maykr Drones.

Though the fight can be tough and it is recommended that you have a few Extra Lives for this fight, the strategy though thankfully is quite straightforward.

So you have encountered the flying demon and are struggling on what to do and how to defeat it.

Well as I said earlier the strategy is thankfully much easier than the actual fight and you only need to use 2 weapons, you will only need the Rocket Launcher and the Super Shotgun so make sure you have those upgraded.

Now for the actual fight itself, equip the Rocket Launcher and blast the boss a few times until it is stunned, when this happens you will then want to quickly equip the Shotgun and using the Shotgun’s Grapple ability pull yourself towards the Khan Maykr and blast it one with the Shotgun.
Doing this will eliminate a full health bar and thus you will just want to repeat this process over until the Khan is defeated.

Watch out though, as I said this fight is no cake walk. The Khan’s abilities include turning the ground (quite a lot of it) on fire, it is also capable of firing projectiles too and with the Drones walking around you cannot exactly stay still for long. 

In order to find more Rocket Launcher ammunition you will want to HEADSHOT the Maykr Drones which will drop Rocket Launcher ammunition alongside some much needed health too.

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