(DW) Doctor Who – The Edge Of Time : Cave Puzzle Solution Guide

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The Caves are your first real exploration mission, they are dark and eerie and full of monsters too. Not an ideal place you want to be stuck in however, one thing that can keep you stuck in such a place is your first real puzzle of the game. 

This puzzle involves coloured Plugs that need to be inserted into the correct socket. This, thanks to the pictures on the walls can be easy enough to solve as the answers are there for you. 
However, if you are still stuck then please read on as we have you covered!

See here we see several plugs all of which are colour coded and have some strange symbol on them. What next? hmm, well we could try placing them into any socket and hope for the best but hey we obviously know that won’t work.

Thus, though this section may be difficult to explain and we won’t lie, we are hoping that the video and images give you the answer that you’ll understand. 

The answers are on the wall to the top right and bottom left, just copy those wall drawings and place the sockets into the correct areas. 

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