Dying Light 2: Stay Human – All Lower Dam Ayre Area Graffiti Locations (Street Art Afficionado) Guide

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There are many different collectibles to try and hunt down within Dying Light 2: Stay Human, these include Mementos (Notes)Tapes (Recordings), and Graffiti (Graffiti Tags)

Once you have managed to find a graffiti location, in order for it to count you will need to collect the graffiti kit (Mural)

Below is a simply guide on where to find all of the graffiti within the Lower Dam Ayre area.

VIDEO STARTS: 20:02 (Lower Dam Ayre)


  • COLLECTIBLE: The Great Explorers
  • DESCRIPTION: Two travellers and self-proclaimed inventors, brother Tolga and Fatin. They built, among other devices and machines, their own submarine and rocket train. Did their inventions work? That’s another story. People who know no boundaries follow a simple rule: If you can’t fix it with duct tape, you’re not using enough duct tape.
  • GUIDE:
  • Near the THV facility you should be able to spot this graffiti tag on the wall of the building with the blue canvas


  • COLLECTIBLE: Tree of Death
  • DESCRIPTION: This rustling of leaves is the singing of the hanged man’s soul.
  • GUIDE:
  • A little further south west from The Great Explorers there will be some metal scaffolding and walkways, climb up this and you will find the graffiti and mural


  • COLLECTIBLE: Space Explorers
  • DESCRIPTION: In memory of Laika and Gordo, the first space explorers.
  • GUIDE:
  • Head north east of the Lower Dam Ayre, towards the Nightrunner’s Hideout. Here you should notice a blue bus.
  • Climb this bus and you will spot the graffiti tag. The mural is on the small platform next to you.


  • DESCRIPTION: The smallest dog always barks the loudest… bark bark bark bark bone
  • GUIDE:
  • To the west of the Nightrunner’s Hideout (Space Explorers), look for a waterway or lake with benches and platforms. The graffiti tag is on the side of a building here.


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