Dying Light 2: Stay Human – All Saint Paul Island Area Graffiti Locations (Street Art Afficionado) Guide

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There are many different collectibles to try and hunt down within Dying Light 2: Stay Human, these include Mementos (Notes)Tapes (Recordings), and Graffiti (Graffiti Tags)

Once you have managed to find a graffiti location, in order for it to count you will need to collect the graffiti kit (Mural)

Below is a simply guide on where to find all of the graffiti within the Saint Paul Island area.

VIDEO STARTS: 19:06 (Saint Paul Island)


  • COLLECTIBLE: Hell Hound
  • DESCRIPTION: Once the hounds from hell have tracked you down, you’ll have nowhere to hide. Unless there is a UV light nearby.
  • GUIDE:
  • To the east side of Saint Paul Island, near the rest area and merchant, you should be able to spot this one on the wall.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Carousel Of Life
  • DESCRIPTION: Life is a one-time offer. Use it well.
  • GUIDE:
  • This one can be spotted on the ledge of a roof, next to the large cathedral safe area.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Hunting the Hunters
  • DESCRIPTION: Even the greatest hunter will one day become prey. Can you hunt a Volatile?
  • GUIDE:
  • Head south west of the Saint Paul Island and climb to the rooftop by the lamp post. The graffiti ag is here.


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