Dying Light 2: Stay Human – All Trinity Area Graffiti Locations (Street Art Afficionado) Guide

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There are many different collectibles to try and hunt down within Dying Light 2: Stay Human, these include Mementos (Notes)Tapes (Recordings), and Graffiti (Graffiti Tags)

Once you have managed to find a graffiti location, in order for it to count you will need to collect the graffiti kit (Mural)

Below is a simply guide on where to find all of the graffiti within the Trinity area.

VIDEO STARTS: 4:47 (Trinity)


  • COLLECTIBLE: This Is The End Of The Beginning
  • DESCRIPTION: Sometimes its worth taking a look behind us before we continue our journey. Remember… watch your back.
  • GUIDE:
  • This first one can be found to the south east of Trinity. You can find it on the wall.
  • The mural can be located next to the same wall.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Happy Skeleton
  • DESCRIPTION: Some day, you will be grateful to be dead.
  • GUIDE:
  • This one is to the north west. It can be found on the wall.
  • The mural is located on the rooftop next to it.


  • COLLECTIBLE: United in fun – Everyone can play!
  • DESCRIPTION: Take care of your inner child: Jump for joy. Ask questions. Do something for yourself. Dream dreams… big ones and little ones. Never give up. Above all, have fun!
  • GUIDE:
  • This one is to the north of Trinity, simply head to the Nightrunner’s Hideout here.
  • Outside of the hideout there will be a closed off area, the griffiti is in here.


  • DESCRIPTION: Embark the wonderful adventure known as life! Work – Buy – Consume – Die
  • GUIDE:
  • This one is on the side of the wall, slightly north of Trinity.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Jar Jar Things
  • DESCRIPTION: Its often better to act on impulses than to overthink things and lose the moment.
  • GUIDE:
  • This one is next to a balcony of a building. You can find this one near the ground.
  • The mural is on the balcony.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Shadow of the Nightrunners
  • GUIDE:
  • This can be located quite close to a rest area. It will be on a wall between platforms.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Fallen Angel
  • DESCRIPTION: Fallen angels are angels who sinned and were banished from Heaven. They become devils who persuade you to sin. Like the fallen nightrunner, Hakon.
  • GUIDE:
  • This one is on a rooftop. The mural can be found just opposite.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Hell and Heaven
  • DESCRIPTION: What if Hell and Heaven are right here… and we are stuck in between.
  • GUIDE:
  • Look for rails on the roof with yellow taping. There will also be a ladder here too


  • COLLECTIBLE: Angels and Demons
  • DESCRIPTION: These times its really hard to tell one from another
  • GUIDE:
  • This one is sitting opposite the last collectible (Hell and Heaven)


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