Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Missing Persons (Side Quest) Guide

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One of the many optional side quests within Dying Light 2: Stay Human is Missing Persons. This requires us to follow Damien’s orders and head to a specific location

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one…


  • Head to the Bazaar over in Trinity and speak with Damien, I got this quest as part of The Only Way Out mission
  • Damien will want us to head to a specific location, which is to the south west of Trinity.


  • Head south of Trinity to meet up with the group offering a job.
  • There will be a building here in which we can go through, do so. Here you will meet up with one of the group members.
  • Head downstairs and we will meet the rest of the group, a fight will break out. Defeat the gang members
  • After dealing with the thugs begin to loot the area for anything of interest. Then when you are ready try to leave the building and you will end up bumping into Damien.
  • Apparently Damien’s brother has gone missing and he wants our help in finding him. Agree to help him out.
  • Now in order to progress with this quest you will need to fully explore the building, by this I mean open every room available. This will then confirm that his brother, Cliff, is not here.


  • Head north east of Quarry End and when you arrive you will need to climb up and enter the building through the window.
  • There will be many biters in here, so take caution. The room you are looking for can be located downstairs. The room will contain many biters and more importantly a damaged wall.
  • Jump over this damaged wall and follow the path left to find a group of thugs. Deal with them.
  • After you have finished dealing with the thugs there will be a nearby door that will take you to a set of stairs. Follow these stairs through the next door and we will find Cliff.
  • After some conversation you will be forced to fight yet more thugs, do so and then follow Cliff upstairs. Deal with Cliff and we will be done with this place.


  • Return to the Bazaar and you should spot a many trying to get into a locked door. Speak to him to learn that Damien can be found at the church tower.
  • In order to reach the church tower we are going to have to climb up the building.
  • Once inside the tower, head through the hatch and you will find Damien here.
  • Speak to Damien to complete the quest.


A guy at the Bazaar named Damien told me about a place to go if I wanted to earn money. It seemed sketchy at best.


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